What is Stumbling into Stillness?

Have you ever heard of the calm after a storm? Well that’s precisely how Stumbling into Stillness began. In fact, Stumbling into Stillness is the direct path I took from a profound Stumble.

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Young and I'm the woman behind Stumbling into Stillness. I created Stumbling into Stillness as a way to share what has transformed my life. Stumbling into Stillness offers the tools and practices necessary for reaching your full potential. I've taken years of learning, experience and practice to highlight simple steps to help guide you to inner peace.

As a recovering alcoholic I discovered that I needed to cultivate the skill of being still and looking within in order to heal. All of my training in self-inquiry and meditation began to make sense when I learned the principle "one day at a time."

At Stumbling into Stillness we offer mindfulness and self-inquiry workshops and practices to help others implement tools that change lives. We believe that the more we live in our inner stillness the greater life experiences we are privileged to share.

I couldn’t possibly describe what each and every one of you will discover when you courageously journey within, however I hope your journey will be as life changing as I've discovered it to be.

Stumbling into Stillness is for you if you're ready to...

​Our Philosophy

Transformation begins within. Every problem can be solved by enlarging our personal relationship to a spiritual connection, regardless of how we each choose to define spiritual.

Deep down within each and every one of us there is stillness—peace—calm and wisdom. Inner peace begins as we learn to trust and listen to our inner wisdom.

As we wake up to what’s blocking us from experiencing life fully and learn to meet each obstacles with compassion and kindness we have an opportunity for growth. In truly seeing without judgement we open ourselves to the unending possibilities that can only be found in surrender. In a single breathe of surrender lies an opportunity to end suffering and discover new ways of being.

Letting go rather than attempting another strategy and ultimately another temporary solution we find an unending solution within.

The word solve comes from the latin word solvere, which means to loosen, release or free from debt. Living mindfully coupled with a willingness to grow, our problems loosen, release and we’re freed from continually repaying an old debt—pattern—habit—idea. 

We all possess the moment to moment choice to live free. What will you choose?

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